Welcome to The Toy Soldier!

We have been a family owned toy store since 1973, and we were the first store to open in Olde Mistick Village, Mystic CT. Each year, thousands of visitors come through our door and step back to a time when kids weren’t glued to electronics. Do you remember the experience of visiting an old-fashioned toy store as a child, where people greeted you when you entered their store? We do. We love serving our customers, we love getting to know you and your families, and more importantly, we love helping you find just the right gifts, gifts that spark a child’s imagination and challenge their mind. Gifts that inspire reading and a love of science and math. Gifts that encourage logical thinking. And more importantly, gifts that encourage families to spend time together. Doing puzzles, playing games, or ¬†enjoying conversations with all ages.

This is the kind of toy store tradition that we remember and cherish, and we hope to continue offering this experience for many generations.